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Most 10 year old girls, however, like to spend their time in stores such as aeropostale, claire's, justice, hollister, and abecrombie and fitch. Very few 10 year old boys "like" or think about girls, so if he is thinking about you at all it is if you are good hitting a ball, if you watched a TV show or if you play a game. im that age and i am so addicted to It depends on what the girl's personality is.You may just be here to meet new friends or chat anonymously with strangers. If you have not done so already, please take some time to read the rules found on the main page and the reminders below.We have put alot of effort in keeping these rooms safe for all kids, teenagers, boys and girls to use. Login as a registered user or as an anonymous guest user. - Report technical and behavioral problems to a moderator or admin.

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