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Adult chatbot spanks

This can give you a sense of whether the idea of submission and dominance—which is the foundation of most BDSM experiences—leaves her repulsed, indifferent, or intrigued.

Some experts say she will probably be intrigued because humans are hardwired to have a biological "opinion" on the matter.

You'll add to the spanking experience if you actually have her over your knee.

"Start very slowly with light smacks that just barely sting, and build gradually," Hardy says.

TEST HER NERVES: Consider a Wartenberg wheel ( Bare buttocks simply scream to be spanked, but if either of you swings too hard your first time at bat, the move may be summarily ejected from your kink repertoire.

will have no problem standing in line for the film.

Let's face it: Compressing Anastasia and Christian's freaky antics into a visual sexiest will hold male attention far longer than mere words on pages. A University of Saskatchewan study found that women are quite similar to men when defining what's normal or acceptable in bed.

If she's enjoying the experience, her breathing should sound smooth and sexy and her butt should be pushing up toward the spanker's hand instead of flinching.

GO PADDLING: If you've done a few hand-spankings and they've gone well enough that you want to try an implement, start with a small leather paddle, Hardy recommends.

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