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American dating advice

This never fail move usually involves asking her to come back to your abode so that you can make her a dessert unique to your family or culture that she can’t get anywhere else (for more details about the move you’ll just have to click here).

Framing the opportunity to eat your disparate dessert as a once in a lifetime opportunity will persuade her to come back to your place.

Immigrant or not, your habits and personality have been deeply impacted through your ethnicity.

In this article we’ll zero in on how Indian men can leverage their culture to improve their dating life.

The browning of America is taking place before our eyes.

Races are mixing, immigrants are continuing to emigrate, and whites just aren’t having babies like they used to.

Instead of sequestering your family from your love life, use them to reel your woman in.

Once your family meets her, solicit their opinions. They can act like an internal board of directors and give her the thumbs up or down.Don’t shy away from your culture but instead leverage it.This will set you apart from other men trying to woo your woman.There’s simply more importance placed on families within the Indian culture than American. You shouldn’t have to spurn or downplay the importance of such an integral part of your life in order to find love.Your family will be around longer than any romantic interest.

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After a date with a Tunisian man, he invited me back to his place to smoke hookah.