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Angela lonsdale dating

After her soap roles in Coronation Street and Doctors, Angela Lonsdale is about to turn up in BBC1’s new series of Our Girl.

She plays Grace, the fun-loving mum of army medic Georgie Lane, who must cope at home with the rest of her family while her daughter is on a dangerous mission in Kenya…

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster this series but when Georgie’s back at home her family are at the heart of the show.

As Grace’s army medic daughter Georgie, played by former Corrie star Michelle Keegan, is out in Kenya in a dangerous situation, Angela says she’s a ‘worried mum’ too.

Angela Lonsdale is included in the list of 47 years old famous TV Actress.

What’s on TV caught up with Angela Lonsdale for a video chat before the stat of Our Girl (Wednesday, BBC1, 9pm) and she revealed how delighted she was to play Grace, her part in a big wedding scene in the first episode and how Grace is different to anything she’s played before…. “The family are at the heart of the series – they’re the backbone and a very close family.

She’s a down-to earth Manchester mum and very close to her daughter Georgie.

I tend to play coppers or distraught wife that’s been told her husband has died.

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“Michelle and I get on so well and on screen you can see how close they are.

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