Azdg dating egypt or usa

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Did ancient Egyptian inherit the knowledge of hieroglyphs from ancient European civilizations? The inscribed tablets are striking similar to the signs found on the controversial Tartaria tablets.

This way, our events and activities are a very nice occasion to meet fellow expats from United States of America and around the world in a casual atmosphere. Studies of different kinds of pottery scattered throughout the region, reveal extensive trading and interacting between these ancient people.See also: 10 Mysterious Undeciphered Ancient Scripts, Tablets, Codes And Maps Ancient Dispilio Disk And Traditional History Of Writing Rök Stone: Longest Runic Inscription Ever Discovered Shepherd’s Monument Mystery: Yet Another Undeciphered Inscription The unified Chalcolithic cultures can be traced go back to the beginning of the Neolithic.The mysterious Vinca culture that is today famous for creating outstanding figurines and a script scholars still struggle to decipher flourished from about 6000 BC to 3000 B. The Vinca was by no means a primitive ancient culture.Some of the largest Vinca sites in the 5th millennium were larger than most Minoan and Mycenaean sites!

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