Celebrities dating non celebrities

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I don't think celebrities are against dating people who are not in the acting profession I just think it's very difficult for famous people to meet other people. The population of Celebs on this planet isn't that much.

Why is it that people act like Celebs and Non Celebs are diff level of species or something. So a Celeb could absoulty date or even marry a Non-Celeb. Sometimes having a Non-Celeb can be good for the Celeb help them keep grounded and keep some what of a normal life plus there isn't any compititon.

It seems like all the attention combined with Harry's crazy tour schedule got in the way of the pair's romance.

By June, the two were rumored to have split, and shortly after, Tess reportedly got back together with her ex.

Your answer is, Celeberties do date Non-Celeberties,for example Taylor Launter dated a girl from Tennesee,who was not in one way famous, her name was Bernice Macentire, and she was on the Ellen Show once, and to prove she dated him she has pictures on Google, so there you go Celeberties to date non-celeberties. I have heard of celebrities who have dated people they met on airplanes or in line at car rental places...

Mel Gibson met his wife through an on-line dating service many years ago, but he's not one you would want to date, anyway probably.

Camila was still hesitant to reveal their relationship until July, when she finally told .Wiki Answers will not provide personal contact information for celebrities and noncelebrities alike.Most celebrities would have a facebook but it would most likely be under a false name, or have protection around it so you can't find them, the only thing you would probably find if you typed in any celebrities name is a fan page and not their actual facebook.well they dont just wake up one morning and say im going celebrity hunter to find me a good gf/bf its just who they meet everyday.plus other celebrities know what they are going through and they dont constantly ask for an autograph.

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video uncut here 18 ))) Normally you have to be in there circle to even consider that.