Dating agency conversion rates

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However, spend on text ads is considerably lower than that in 2017 with a 6% growth since Q1 2018.

On top of this, Google Shopping ads 59% of Google's search ad clicks.

Legal services have some of the highest CPCs among all Google ads on the search network.

This isn’t too shocking: “Lawyer” is the fourth most expensive keyword on Google (including terms like “malpractice lawyer” and “lemon law lawyer”).

Despite enjoying those low CPC’s, Advocacy advertisers can struggle to get conversions.

Real Estate and Home Goods are also on the low end, which we can probably chalk up to high competition.

Benchmarking company performance against goals and competitors is vital in understanding your current cut-through in digital, market share and potential revenue losses.

To improve your Ad Words conversion rate, try: The average CPA on the search network is actually lower now than it was a couple of years ago. The average CPA in Ad Words across all industries is .96 for search and .51 for display.

Each industry includes at minimum 30 unique active clients.

“Averages” are technically median figures to account for outliers.

New research from Merkle's Digital Marketing Report Q2 2018 shows benchmarks for paid and organic search and social media reach, click through and cost.

We've summarised the most important (and surprising) statistics below: The use of Google Shopping ads for ecommerce and online retailers is vital.

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The only vertical that pays more than $1 per click on the Display network is Dating & Personals.

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