Dating an old western electric telephone

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Here is one photo: as follows: "Catalogs in 1909 show a new version of the No. The external terminals were removed along with the need for a cathedral top.Along with eliminating the exposed electric terminals on the top of the phone, Western Electric eliminated the exposed wires on the receiver as well. The phone's dimensions remained the same." I asked the principal of the school how they came across this phone and was told it was part of an estate sale of the Ford family that the school was named after and the PTA bought the phone at the estate sale.Desk telephone designs ranged from early "candlestick" phones through the later character and the unique Designline ® phones.Introduction The early production phones of the Bell company and its manufacturing company, Western Electric, were the 1882 model 3-box wall phones using the Blake transmitter. The size was necessary because of the size of the components.The invention of Henry Hunnings' carbon granule transmitter in Britain allowed the transmitter to be mounted in the face of the top box rather than in a box of its own.This gave a two-box telephone, but dimensionally it was not much different to the three-box model.If, however, the transmitter is to be used for common battery working, only about one-half the amount of granules (8.8 grains) is used, in order to increase the resistance.The diaphragm is 2 1/2 inches in diameter and .022 inches in thickness, and the carbon cell is 5/8 inch internal diameter.

These books cover almost every imaginable topic on electricity including electrotheraputics, motors, elevators and other "modern" devices of that era eighty years ago!

The Solid Back Transmitter Anthony Western Electric had been working on the problem for some years, and received Patent No.

485311 for his Solid Back Transmitter on 1st November 1892. This transmitter had minor deficiencies but was used well into the 1930s.

It was missing the receiver cord and the mouth piece.

I came back a few days later with my camera and took some photos.

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The Hunnings was a better transmitter on long lines than the Blake, and the two coexisted for some years.

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