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I sure hope so because today I’m sharing one along with even more from some of my good friends.Mine was inspired by a magnet my mom had given me when she was here visiting.And remember my note in the original tin can post- make sure to use cans that contained things like fruits and juices and not chili and stews! So a few months ago I posted my version of the Open When... I have an Etsy shop (HERE) and since posting about my letters I've had a handful of people message me about making them a set. This is nice because I can make them whatever size I want. They will have to be glued or taped shut, but it will appear as if they are wax sealed!To cover that up, just use the top of your can to trace a circle on your paper.When you’re cutting it out, just cut it a little smaller than the circle you’ve drawn so it will fit.I grabbed some mini candy bars and when I moved onto the gourmet chocolate, he rolled his eyes and told me I was thinking like a girl.For my Mother’s Day cans I used the small 7-8 ounce cans. In case you’re wondering, a bag of corn nuts fits perfectly in a normal soup-size can. You can also fit quite a bit fun-sized candy bars in there too.

- A "Sweet Nothing" sticky note to be filled out (purchase HERE) - 1 scratch card (Purchase HERE) Contents of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 1 "Why i really really really like you" fill out paper (purchase HERE) - 1 "For the one I love" paper to be filled out - 2 quotes - 3 scratch cards or love lottos (purchase HERE) - Hearts to write things you love about the recipient - Pictures of the couple (to be added) Content of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 2 quotes - 1 "High five" fill out paper (purchase HERE) - Star confetti If you noticed, all the envelopes have wax seals on them.They’re larger than a Campbells soup can, but not huge.However, they almost always have the text on the top.Separation Anxiety: Separate a pile of 25 multicolored chocolate candies into five separate containers in a set color order.(I have them do this as a team with one kid blind-folded and their partner guiding them to the right container with directions, very fun!

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) Now, for even more Halloween printables: #1) – Eat, drink, and be SCARY with this flirty Halloween game for two!