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Sure, double dates can be awkward or kind of annoying, depending on the scenario.Whether you're trying to combing people who wouldn't otherwise be stuck together, or just trying to get your friends to get along with your new partner, it can be helpful think of a double date as more of a low-pressure couples hangout than an actual date.He says I'm amazing, and he cares about me, and I'm one of his absolute favorites, but he's backed away from all physical intimacy with me because "us as a long term couple is scary". I feel simultaneously loved to death and expendable. I don't think these things are an attempt to let me down easy. Your description just makes him sound like some mastermind manipulator.However, "the thought of having [me] in [his] life forever makes [him] so happy". I think he's legitimately hopeful we somehow manage to navigate through life together but not together. I can't emphasize enough I know how much he cares about me.I've actually kinda made this hard either way, because even though I haven't had a sexual/romantic partner for a while... I've never lost my best friend through all of this. It sux but it happens mostly in this kind of relationship situation........ ONLY if those two are true lovers mmmmph then I think they can handle it....

I don't do FWB for this reason as it is just the way i am wired if that makes sense.I don't waste my time, i know my target self and its good to know what you want.In this particular case it's a real sickner..i hope this comment helps but do move on.Because I still feel love for him, and would be dating him if I could be, I'm not in a position to reject him when he's showing interest.So I agree, and we have a wonderful time, and then I love and want him even more. But he's adorable, and sweet and impossibly cute and his affection makes me happy. Problem is, for each one I've got, he's got one to match.

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He's my "date" (but not ) to a ball in two months. He's not unattached while I'm still longing.