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Drenth Which personality types are the nerdiest or most socially awkward?

While feeling types may appreciate the INTP’s expressed interest and openness with regard to F matters, a perspicacious feeler will often come to see the INTP as emotionally naïve and starry-eyed.Taken together, the contributions of Se often serve to attenuate whatever nerdiness or awkwardness might stem from ISTPs’ Ti dominance. Rather than mollifying their Ti nerdiness, INTPs’ auxiliary function, Extraverted Intuition (Ne), commonly amplifies it, luring INTPs into a world of abstract and speculative thought.Ne also inspires INTPs’ to give voice to their ideas, including those pertaining to their feelings and relationships.This also makes them seem less nerdy or quirky than INTPs, and perhaps even more emotionally “mature,” at least on the surface.In reality, however, many ISTPs are less ideationally open and introspective than INTPs and are thus less likely to exhibit or invest in personal / interpersonal growth.

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That being said, we must also acknowledge that Fe happens to be ITPs’ inferior function, which, among other things, can result in dramatic swings between friendliness (Fe) and aloofness (Ti). Since ITPs both use Ti and Fe, we must examine their respective auxiliary functions to understand how the INTP and ISTP might differ in relationships. In combination with Ti, it often contributes to high levels of kinesthetic and/or practical intelligence in ISTPs, allowing them to function adeptly as athletes, craftsmen, mechanics, surgeons, business persons, etc.