Dating job hunting

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You release negative feelings in different ways such as: Finding your perfect job is like searching for your soulmate. We provide these 6 simple reminders, so you’ll stay on the right path: 1. Figure out carefully whether that job is the right one or not. No matter how bad it went, never discuss or bad-mouth your past job during the interview. Your role as an applicant and an avid admirer should not stop after the job interview. It will give you an advantage to be called in again. Before you send your resume consider the job requirements, company culture, and your potential manager’s character beforehand. The hiring manager may think you will to do the same when you apply to another company. Keep in mind that rejection happens for a reason: It’s not meant for you. The “art of letting go” part happens when you want to forget the disappointment. And even without the help of serenades, chocolates, or roses, you’ll give out your best to win their nod. Before you begin your job search, make sure you’re geared up with the best resume!

Suddenly you felt happy, anxious, scared, and worried at the same time. – Anonymous Who says you’ll only have your nerves racked in first dates?But after a month or two of the perpetual limbo of “under review” I finally realize what everyone else knew all along. Thinking I had a chance but in reality it was over before it started.Very rarely which is fitting for my history in dating, I get the opportunity to go on a date with a company.Dates are certainly not as romantic as interviews, but both share a common purpose: If the ocean has plenty of fishes, then the job market offers many careers to consider.But despite having a wide variety of choices, you end up looking for the one that your heart desires.

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But first, you have to believe us when we tell you that job hunting is a lot like dating – or at least looking to get one. Here are 10 reasons why dating and job searching practically have the same rules.