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If you are still searching the junk pile for that proverbial "good tire in the junk pile" and you need some tips PM me and I'll give you what I know on how to check out suspicious ones- or better yet, ALL.I now consider those who have a HINT of honesty as the suspicious ones, all the others are GUILTY until proven innocent in my book. Maybe it's because I go for the ones with the professional pictures- they are almost always photos stolen from the internet. I guess if we went for the ugly ones or the poor quality pictures, our chances of finding someone would be greater. If you do notlike Russian people, just tell me that I am not for you.

Stay blessed and enjoy the rest of your day Sincerely Clara Anita Morgan Scam alert! It’s a Nigerian Romance scam, the story and all names & roles are fake.

My name is Clara Anita Morgan from London, United Kingdom.. I am a very positive person with a lot of love to give. The man to hold my hand will be compassionate, passionate and loving with a respect for all and a warm sense of humor.

Will love to share some of my passions in life with someone that can share those moments with me.

I put the name in here so that it would come up on a search. Here is a photo she claims is herself (Julia Osipova), and her friend Darja (Darja Belova You fell on that one too?

She cost me 550 dollars for the same thing you went through.

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I would love to have that special man in my life that makes my pulse race when I hear his voice. Someone to hug and snuggle with and share long sweet kisses (in private of course) So now it’s your turn what can you tell me about yourself?

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