Dating old photographs postcards

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It continued to be popular with beach and fairground photographers until the 1940s, but mostly before 1914.Tintypes are easily recognised as they are on thin black or dark brown enamelled sheet iron, and either mounted in pinchbeck frames or roughly cut to fit in paper mounts, brooches, lockets etc.

Penelope Christensen) Photographs produced in the format of a postcard date from Sep 1894 in Britain, although in the USA the sending of picture postcards through the post was permitted in 1867.Found from around 1852–1900 popularly in sets of views at home or abroad.They occur as mounted pairs of albumen prints which had to be examined through a viewer to achieve a three-dimensional effect.The subjects were very diverse, from studio portraits to casual social scenes of ordinary people, as the process was inexpensive.They tended to be small and rather dark and if they have been framed and glazed they can be confused with ambrotypes.

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Since most family historians will be involved in dating photographs and different types were used at different periods, the type of photo can be a good dating aid.