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By Macy Sliman, Staff Writer Dating is a phenomenon that continues to baffle experts… It’s even more of a strenuous activity on a small campus community like SNU, nestled in this tiny town of Bethany.

What’s even more draining than the fact that it is over-thought is that it can also get rather pricey.

This is a 17-acre botanical garden in the middle of downtown on the southwest corner of Reno and Robinson, and there is no entrance fee.

Even if it’s a bit chilly, it’s a fun place to take a hot cup of Starbucks, slap on some warm clothes and just wander.

If you are feeling really edgy bring a blanket, settle out on the grass and watch a movie on your laptop.

After your pleasant walk around the garden or even for the less outdoorsy peeps out there, there is always Nonna’s restaurant on Bricktown.

Though our relationship is stuck in long-distance mode for the short-term, 90 miles from Philly really isn’t that far.

Use some of these ideas, and you will get some good brownie points.

Just take a chance, be cheesy and it’ll best the most fun you’ve had on a date on a dime.

For the past year, I have been living in a hiptser mecca in the heart of the East Village.

Over that time, I have lost three wonderful roommates to their boyfriends, and recently inherited two new roommates who bring loads of eclectic spice to our cozy 3br apartment.

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After working in Advertising at Ralph Lauren for a couple of years, I realized how much I missed school- and how much I needed to stop spending all my money on sample sales.