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Datingmagic net

He headed to his car and slid in behind the wheel, chucking his briefcase on the passenger side.

Arthur started his car, one of the last ones there, and pulled out of the parking lot, headed for home. It had two bedrooms, an office, two bathrooms, a large living room and kitchen and a small backyard.

Arthur grabbed his briefcase and stepped out of the car, locking it behind him and headed to the door. " a male voice called and Arthur grinned and waited.

A scruffy looking man came wandering down the hall. His dark hair was a mess but he grin was stunning."Your home," he beamed and went to Arthur."Hello Merlin," Arthur beamed and pulled Merlin into a kiss. Arthur was studying law and Merlin was studying creative Arts and had bumped into each other on campus. Arthur had been having a bad day and was being more of an arrogant prat than usual to everyone around him. Merlin had apologized over and over, ready to buy him another and Arthur lost it. Arthur had stopped his rant and was immediately taken aback when Merlin had put him in his place.

Gwen, his lovely assistant, smiled at him as he came out."Gwen, your still here? Gwen was a hard worker and he was lucky to have her as an assistant."Yes Arthur," Gwen smiled.Arthur bit his lip as he looked over the email again.He sighed and typed out his response, that yes he would be there at seven thirty.Merlin moaned, threading his fingers through Arthur's hair and holding him close.Arthur snaked his arms around Merlin's waist and tugged him flush against his body.

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  1. Found my BF on Reddit - I was on OKC & POF no luck... Turns out to be like no other Relationship I've ever had! I had success in the past with Plenty of Fish but had the same problem with females not wanting long term, or wanting a long term sugar daddy.