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I can't imagine my life without him, Thank you - Anonymous I hear you. Will he ever want a committed relationship with me? And as much as we all long for that crystal ball that can magically give us our answers, it’s what you do right here and now that is the greatest predictor of what the answer will be. You can’t do that well enough when you’re focused so much on him. Yes, you may be onto something when you sense that it’s not about a lack of interest, but instead about a lack of capability of being in that place where he can live up to his own expectations around being in a real relationship. Or is it just one more reason to give you hope, , that something can change anytime soon?

A guy who’s really into you will want to give you clarity and security. A guy who’s emotionally unstable, a drama king, or a player will try to get with women who are blind to his negative traits and who will accept getting dumped with all his baggage. A guy shows mad interest in you and then after getting sex, he bolts. He’s super charming and into you, but then once you enter into a relationship with him he starts to appear disinterested.

It’s all going on within him and it’s not your problem to deal with. He seemed to want something serious, but the truth is that he actually didn’t, so he freaked and pulled the plug when things got a little too real.

It may have started out innocently enough and he may have actually thought he did want something serious, but it’s pretty clear he didn’t. If he’s been dating other women, that can be why he has gone AWOL on you.

He saw that you’re above all that crap, so he didn’t want to waste his time. His pride prevented him from saying that he can’t be the type of boyfriend you want or need, so he’s backing out instead. You don’t want him to stick with you and then disappoint you later when he shows his true colors. He was really only looking for one thing and decided that he didn’t need to stick around after getting it. Some guys hit you hard with their efforts to pursue you, but then once they get you, they feel it’s a big anti-climax. He’s already looking for the next big chase and excitement. If you went on a few dates after meeting on a dating app like Tinder and then the guy bolted from your life, it’s possible that he was still on the app and met someone else.

He might be the kind of guy who keeps his options open and gets swayed by other potential GFs.

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You can tell a lot about a man’s integrity in the manner in which he treats the people around him.