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includes preventive care, women's healthcare, diabetes care, hypertension treatment, skin cancer treatment, pediatrics, high cholesterol treatment, flu treatment, and much more. All team members are especially interested in helping their patients achieve the best health through preventive care, regular monitoring of chronic health conditions, and prompt attention to any urgent health concerns that may arise. Learn why regular skin cancer checks are always a good idea.

The team believes in working closely with patients to establish a trusting long-term relationship.

Even seemingly straightforward medical questions - “Should I try to have a child at 40? But so often the real question patients are asking is: “What would you do if you were me?

’’ It is, at least in part, a personal question that implies and nourishes a personal relationship - but how personal should that relationship be? Over the years I’ve found myself answering more and more openly, feeling that, ultimately, these questions mirror concerns my patients have about their own lives.

My pediatrician came to our home to examine me when I was sick and often stayed for coffee.

Our next-door neighbor practiced internal medicine from an office in his house.

When his daughter and I ran in from playing in the yard and opened the refrigerator looking for a snack, we saw vials of insulin and penicillin lined up next to the chocolate milk. While the days of the home office, house call, and 24/7 solo practitioner are mostly past, my patients often view me as a partner in, rather than a director of, their medical care.

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When I first went into practice, I had rather firm notions of the proper boundaries between doctors and patients.

I wore a long white coat, revealed little about my personal life, never called patients by their first names and felt insulted if they called me by mine. Most of his patients called him Jim, and he played golf with many of them. Looking back I think I feared that as a young female physician I wouldn’t be taken seriously unless I maintained an austere facade.

More often then not they were mutually reinforcing.

I suppose I can’t prove it, but I am convinced that her frequent trips to my office, during which we talked at least as much about presidential campaigns, skirt lengths, and bestsellers as about her arthritis and digestive difficulties, helped prevent Emma from being hospitalized as older people, particularly those who live alone, so often are.

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B.), Sara Castantini, FNP, and Jennifer Richardson, FNP. 1 killer of both men and women in the United States.

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