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He put a big front for the family, for his parents and my mom's family. Widowers cried at funerals and when talking about their wives.

As soon as the funeral was over, he was left alone. Children knew their fathers were crying in private, often at night, thinking no one would notice.

Other responses were the inability to think or talk about the deceased wife and to avoid every family event reproducing memories of deceased wife.

The widower had difficulty defining himself after the death of his wife and difficulty making decisions.

Colleagues in the work place were seen as a strong source of support. Four lived with family; 3 of these were families with young children.

These groups overlapped in that widowers may have used more than one method to combat loneliness.Among the activities that assisted in grieving were the development of new interests and hobbies.Some of these activities included building a loom and learning to weave, participating in local theater productions, teaching English, attending grief groups, reading books about death and grief, and joining a gym.Participants indicated that their faith had been strengthened throughout the coping period by the love they felt from family, friends, other church members, and a supreme being.Continuing in regular church activities brought normality and purpose to their lives during the grieving period.

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