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Free live1on1 webcam chat

I know you might hear this from all your fans, but, i actually became a Lakers fan just this last season...With Gasol paired up with Drew however, we are catapulted into NBA Finals status.would we still have Pau Gasol, if Bynum were to stay healthy?

Recently ive seen lamar post up and take it hard to the basket than shooting jumpshots..I hope whatever you are not and what you have, stay good person and who you are and put in your life that God is the center of our life...I bagan to watch most of the games and if I wasn't able to, I would tivo it on cable...Good luck again and wish you and your team have more bless to come..I went to the parade just so that I could take a picture of you!

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My mom and Dad actually visited Spain when my older brother (now 58) was in the Navy and my parents and he visited Europe for 4 weeks.

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