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I live in the US, where not all cards have EMV chips yet, and I haven’t had my signature checked against my card or driver’s license in a long time.Contactless payments with cards don’t require PINs or signatures, so they’re perfect for credit card thieves (even though the limits for contactless payments are rather small, they add up quickly).Finally, make sure to monitor your credit card statements, bank statements, and credit reports on a regular basis.The earlier you catch a potentially fraudulent transaction, the better the chances that you’ll be able to prevent further trouble.

With the increase in contactless payment credit cards, radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners have become a more popular method to steal credit card information; all a thief needs to do is get a scanning device in close range If your phone doesn’t already have a Near-Field Communication chip in it, your next one probably will.

And, of course, there’s the most time-tested, old-fashioned way: just stealing the card.

A forgotten wallet or purse, a dropped card, an unlocked car door, or any number of things, can make your card easy for a thief to grab.

Second, pay attention to online security news; if a retailer or a bank that might have your credit card information gets hacked, call your bank, tell them what happened, and ask for a new card.

You could wait to see if you get any suspicious charges on your account before alerting your bank, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to take that chance before starting the process.

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Fourth, be on the lookout for any card-scanning device that looks like it’s been tampered with.