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Funny online dating blog

How does your online behavior impact your real life? ALL EPISODES | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Janne: Welcome, Sean. As a security professional, what are your overall thoughts on using dating apps? Overall, I guess years ago, it was dating sites, websites where you have to provide a bunch of information to fill out a profile.

For this episode of Cyber Security Sauna, Sean Sullivan stops by to talk about what Tinder and similar apps mean for your security and privacy. Dating apps, by and large, have gotten to the point where it’s a matter of a very simple profile and then very quickly swiping left and right, I think was pioneered by Tinder.

That’s just the concern that I have though as a security-minded person.

So asking, what are the security implications to think of here?

So if you use the same photograph on Tinder with Facebook, and then it’s easy enough to find somebody because they’ve used the same photo…Unless their name is something really common, like Sarah, or if you’re looking for a Mary or something.

So you find their first name and their photograph on Facebook, then you’ve got the last name.

So there’s a lot of people around here who have a very unique first and last name combination.

But with the first name and last name, Linked In then provides you their profession.

Reputation management, identity management certainly comes into play and it is very easy to go from a small market like this to be able to find someone by just using an image first name.

Again, it’s not that difficult to use Facebook search, limit it to a city, find a match on the photo, get the last name, go to Linked In…And particularly in this market, Finns have very search-engine-optimized names.

And so like going from one platform to another platform to another platform, you’re going to get a bigger and bigger hit.

So this is probably advice that’s best suited for smaller regions, smaller cities.

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So there’s less that you have to give in order to get into it.

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