Girl dating younger guy benefits consolidating business

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Girl dating younger guy

Older guys are usually in a hurry to get married and have kids, or they at least have the rest of their lives planned out in a nice little timeline (your life included).

While you might think this would cause a red flag, I can tell you that it actually means they have a lot of respect for older women and will treat you to little things like holding the door open and carrying your bags for you.It’s a privilege for you to be on his arm and the younger man knows how lucky he is. You and I both know that the reason we date younger men is for the sex.Now, I will admit, older guys are smoother with the moves and they are often better at what they’re doing. Younger guys have three things going for them that older men just don’t: They’re curious, they have the stamina and they are grateful! I don’t care how good the guy is in bed, if we’re doing the same routine every night then I get bored. These guys are so happy to be getting laid by a real woman that they will gladly be at your doorstep any time of the day or night to make sure you’re pleased enough to keep them around.I dated this older guy who still lived at home with his mom (what can I say, ladies, bad judgment on my part) but he had no respect for women because he never had to do anything by himself. I had to pay, he always walked in front of me, he didn’t care about my opinion…the list goes on.Younger guys have just recently moved out of their family home and are in that “Now what? Because of this (doing their own laundry, cooking for themselves, etc.) these guys are going to really appreciate their mom and therefore will appreciate you as an older, distinguished woman.

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The answer is a little more complicated than you might think.

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