Hot emo girls quick chat

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Hot emo girls quick chat

Just Balls by Simple Plan and The Young and the Hopeless by Good Charlotte. Drawing inspiration from Lord of the Flies, of which both Tom and Pat both indulged in the Cliffnotes versions in high school, the guys draft the albums that would have made it to their desert island playlists, had they been stranded in 8th grade.This week, the guys come loaded with their 5 strongest arguments for why each album their representing was better than their partners. It was a fun look back at what they were listening to at the time, and tbh, a modern day desert island wouldn’t look too terrible different.Taylor Swift has played an interesting part in Tom and Pats lives over the years, and they take a minute revisit the entire discography in this week’s draft.Each picks 1 song from each album to draft to their EP, with 2 wild cards from any album to complete a 7 track mixtape.

As always, the songs come with wildly entertaining stories of what the world was like when the guys first heard the songs: stories about catholic school, car rides with their dad, thinking you discovered porn at your friend’s house (sorry, just The New Pornographers album), and how a 5.1 surround sound experience literally almost made one of them fall out of their chair.Blink-182 recently released a new song and music video with Steve Aoki, and wow… The lyrics are wack, the video is wack, the collaboration is wack, Steve’s Kill Bill jumpsuit is kinda cool but also kinda wack, and there’s just a lot of things going wrong with a band that’s been so important to us over the years. The year is 3000, you’re underwater for some reason, your great great great granddaughter is doing fine, and The Jonas Brothers are making bangers out of songs that weren’t theirs to give.Matt Farley of Motern Media fame stepped in for Tom this week to discuss Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus with Pat. Tom and Pat take out the microscope and dig into the ethical dumpster fire that is the music video for this song.As always, lots of great stories, and it was really awesome to hear the perspective of the music scene from someone quite a bit older than us.Needless to say, we have some new music to dig into.

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Reminiscent is a weekly show where 3 best friends discuss their favorite bands from their adolescense and how it’s shaped their lives as they find themselves exploring early adulthood.

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