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Fun fact: My dad would buy me a different treat during every period of the hockey game as a kid—if I was always able to have a good time, then you can too.

Bonus points if you try to get on the Jumbotron during the halftime show.

Instead, choose your favorite meal delivery service and pick a recipe you've never tried.

Both couples can make a portion—and you can see whose turns out best (winners don't have to clear the table).

If it gets a little chilly, it's just an excuse for you to cuddle up next to your partner.

PS: If it's not too cloudy, this can be the perfect place to stargaze.

Discuss the exhibits afterward over lunch or coffee at a nearby cafe.Having friends along for the ride means there will be more people cheering you on from the ground.Instead of a vineyard tour, try the newest trend and go cider catching at a taproom like Bushwick's Brooklyn Cider House.There's nothing wrong with going to the regular movie theater, but scoping out a film festival makes things a bit more special.Have both couples choose a few flicks they want to see and head to all of them together.

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