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Jorge ataca tanja alemana dating

and this will create an even deeper connection with the songs. But I think I will stop here because I will end up writing 5 pages on this hahahha. Also I think Holland is the country that most plays the more traditional sounding kind of Bachata.With this increased feeling, your body will start to do things that you had no idea were possible hahahaha….. I think it’s accepted more because of all the caribbean people and thats what they are used to hearing (I don’t know this for fact, it’s just my opinion). (I know I already said that, but it needs to be said again hahaha).I didn’t really care to see her dancing all night with every man in the club and only coming to talk to me when she was tired so I decided that hahaha. I have a deeper appreciation for the music and dance ONLY because i understand what each instrument is doing… If a woman asks me to dance, that doesn’t mean she wants to take me home and marry me…. that attracts me to want to dance with her because it means I don’t have to worry about “doing fancy tricks” just because I’m a teacher. – Just because someone dances salsa DOES NOT mean they can DANCE Bachata. I think we all know that its much more complex than that. Many modern dancers are used to only going left-right and in circles.She was a very good dancer and she danced every style of music. So I started taking classes with out her knowing so I could surprise her when I felt comfortable enough to go on the dance floor. I understand when the transitions are going to happen because I understand the structure of the music.. I think in this day and age now, women can ask men to dance also. For some reason in america, many women don’t do it because they feel the man should do everything. anybody can DO Bachata: 3 steps , tap, 3 steps , tap. But there is so much more to truly understand how to DANCE Bachata. The traditional way to dance almost never goes left to right in a straight lateral line.The best party that I have EVER been to non festival related was in holland! From what I’m told , his Bachata parties are twice a month in Goirle. just dancing WITH their partners and not FOR their partners. When I go out, I go for the music and not so much for the dance. – The moves I come up with happen at very random times.I loved the party because of the mix of people , the music was GREAT ! There were women asking men to dance, the floor was packed the whole time, and the people were just getting their groove on! Sometimes I will be sitting at work and accidentally come up with something.Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger began her dancing career in April of 2005, and has since made a name for herself in the Salsa & Bachata dance communities.With her partner, Jorge Burgos (ATACA Jorgie), they have become one of the most recognizable couples in the Bachata scene; and they have traveled to over 25 different countries teaching and performing Bachata.

Street is less about counting and more about feeling and just having fun, less “technique” and more just going with the rhythm of the music.

He came up with the craziest, most spectaculair moves and became more and more popular in Bachata land.

Nowadays he still travels the globe, but his goal has changed.

, better known as Carlos Cinta, might be the most famous Bachatero in the world.

Carlos grew up in Chicago en began teaching in his grandparent’s basement.

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Since I enjoyed dancing with her, I started paying attention to what she was doing.

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