Lenny kravitz dating

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Lenny kravitz dating

However, the couple decided not to walk through the aisle and ended their engagement.Lenny also dated model Andrina Lima, but the relationship met the same fate as his past romances.The singer is multifaceted in a real sense; he is a producer, actor, designer, and photographer.Well, he acted in the movie hitmaker - height 5 feet 8 ½ inches (1.74 m) - got married to actress Lisa Bonet in 1987.Also, their relationship gave birth to a daughter, Zoe Isabella Kravitz on 1st December 1988.However, the pair’s blissful marriage couldn’t last, and they divorced in 1993.His big heart may be one of the reasons why Kravitz has remained hugely popular as a public figure.Coupled with his super-cool, rock-star persona, it’s also not surprising the singer has had an interesting, and full, personal life.

Wearing matching friendship rings with your ex-wife’s new man?

That’s more than just a sign of maturity—it’s a sign of brotherhood.

While Kravitz’s marriage to Bonet was highly publicized and remains a talking point for both parties on the late-night talk show circuit, he remains silent about his once paparazzi-heavy romance with French musician Vanessa Paradis.

Even after two long failed romances, the rock singer didn’t give up on love.

He started dating Oscar winner Nicole Kidman; the talented pair even got engaged.

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During an appearance on Kravitz was asked by a caller why his relationship with Kidman didn’t work out back in the day.

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