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However, my friends didn’t care about any of those.

Hanging out with him and my friends was always awkward and never fun.

I never thought I’d date anyone who didn’t feel the same way but one day, it happened.

Rather than change my views or prove that opposites attract, it did nothing but make me understand that my dealbreakers are there for a reason.

The relief I felt when we broke up made me realize how much energy this was draining from me.

When we argued, I was actively annoyed but even when we didn’t, I found I was always expecting the next time and getting annoyed in advance.

You can tell them, “I’ve been in six rehabs, four psych wards, and I’ve been arrested for assault.” And, they’re like, “Of course you have.” The downside is that they, too, are often a ticking time bomb.

Natasha, an ex-pat who's been on the wagon for 10 years agrees.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple who agreed on everything, but having different political views isn’t the same as deciding whether to watch an action movie or a romantic comedy.

If a guy holds views that are so radically different from my own, it means our world views are radically different too.

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He always felt the need to defend his views or at the very least roll his eyes or make some other passive-aggressive gesture when someone said something he disagreed with.