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Judge Rankings, even if you are the beloved Kelly Brook, who was meant to be a permanent judge in series three.

However, she was axed by bosses pretty quickly, and instead just got credited as a guest panellist for the Manchester auditions. Yes, David Walliams' mum Kathleen – his actual surname is Williams, everything we know is a lie – breaks into our top 10 after she stepped in for a very late Simon while attending the auditions back in 2016.

While everyone quite rightly remembers the likes of Susan Boyle and Diversity, it's time to shine a light on the people on the other side of the desk.

Likeable and really knowing their stuff, it's no surprise they were a hit with viewers in a different role – although we much prefer getting their reaction from the side of the stage, and their banter with the contestants.

There was tension with the other judges and she was even booed by fans.

She said a couple of years ago she was up for a comeback though, so maybe it wasn't all bad after all?

Also, for no apparent reason, she is rather slow to react as when Roy calls her, there is usually a 5 second break until she answers.

Roy had a book about Medival English music between 1356-1390 but it was 312 pages long, not 306.

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Roy said he could rip out 6 pages but Mr Mann said he wouldn't buy a damaged book.

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  1. The Bible (and Jewish tradition) did allow for marriage between a believer and outsider, but only if the outsider converted. Otherwise, they were (and still are) commanded not to marry non-Christians/unbelievers.