Live mizo nula chat room cam

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Live mizo nula chat room cam

Kro S-ah an khengbet a, a thihna cho min tlanna* a* ni 3. "TIAng thipt” a tihpiwh hi, Aizawl hmar chhaka Chalfilh tling khi niin an sawi.

Mi zawng zawngin Isua chu an bia ang a, ram pawh a ta a ni. Tin, thimnain Mizoram a tuam lai hurt sawina a ni thei bawk. Jones chu ap rawp tjr a, August 3,1, 1897- ah Aizawl a lo thlenga. Jonas hian Aizawl atangin hmfir chhak 'lam, Chalfilh tlang dum ruih' tnai c^tu s thlir a.

Tin, sa kah tih hian pi'aia ^kah chauh a huap lo va, tlaka tla emaw, feia an chhqn hlum a nih pawhin sa lu hawn an ni tho a.

Kawng danga sawi chuan, sa kah leh hman lai Mizo sa- khua hi a inkawp tlat a ni.

Vapual kha a iak a hunah an la a, an khawi thj^ pawh hjan, “Pualva tiuthai a run..h bren thir k a bun** .a tih Hi.

An sachanna hraun a va thlen chuan, 'Chawng- tinleri tap cb^nga a lam duai duai lai a hmu ta a.

He hla, 'Arngo thlasiri ki duh vaao jcbuaah chuan a zin ta a.

Tin, Hr&ngchhawnj hrauji cjaajka an saw| an sawi thin, an jo htouh ve tak avangin Buhban putar pakhat, 'Tuafea chuan |ie fila hj a pjiuah Ja a ni an ti A thu awpnzia pawh- I tuning hi kau Imatna a r/ei tawp a.

tynaji cjwuh liian kan hmu hlawl che a, Khawvelin an saw) huai huai nang, Hringchhawni hi dam reng ang che’ a ti a ni. 19 AWITHANGPA ZAI Awithangpa chanchin : Awithangpa hi a hming tak g fiiap thimna zawpg zawng hi a velc t? Fstnfn ’mit^rilru a ti Sng ang a, khawv^ hnam tin hi'Ch&ft'chin t Wa chuah a la ti-in| vet dawn a ni Ni aj cjihuak ang...

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