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Another important cultural difference to bear in mind if dipping a toe into romance in France is that French people love flirting. It pays to keep this in mind in your own liaisons, both when interpreting the signs of potential partners and how others may interpret your behaviour.

Inevitably, some relationships develop in the workplace, however it is not as common as in the UK, most likely because the French workplace is more formal and colleagues mix less outside work hours.The city is also home to relatively large populations of sexual minorities, with 12% self-identifying as gay or bisexual compared to 7% nationwide.As far as sex is concerned, Parisians are significantly more adventurous than their provincial counterparts.It is often said that the French don’t date, but that’s not true.They simply don’t put a label on it, and generally keep it all pretty low-key and under wraps until deciding that a relationship is serious, at which point they’ll introduce friends and family to their ‘’.

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