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Online dating women too picky

It comes on the back of a recent round-up of six studies exploring dating deal-breakers that may just explain why no one seems to fit the bill of ‘Mr Perfect’.

We are apparently placing more emphasis on the negative traits we observe in potential partners – and women are far more likely to be critical than men.

We’re Not All Alike – Evolution Allows for Diversity It turns out that primitive humans lived in smaller groups, about 150 individuals.

Because resources tend to be more scarce in smaller communities, this environment helps promote risk aversion.

“Women are likely to be more selective about their relationship partners to avoid costly impregnation by low-quality mates, [so they] should perceive more – or have lower tolerance for – deal-breakers.” Scientists suggest the “deal breakers” help both men and women sort out those who are unlikely to make the cut. etc etc” Man Drought Changes Things With a man drought in the marriageable decades evident in many industrialised countries including Australia (where the ratio of single women to single men, says demographer Bernard Salt, is roughly 16:1) can women afford to be so demanding?The solution: Give up some of your demands, and cast a wider net. Plus, their jobs pay a lot better than, say, a conceptual performance artist.So your dreamy-eyed, strong-shouldered guy is a plumber. Most of life is pretty prosaic anyway, and when it comes to fixing things around the house, a construction worker is going to be a lot more useful than an unemployed magician.Say 20 of these young men and 20 of these young women wed each other: Now it’s 40 single ladies left against 20 guys, many or most of whom might be monogamy-allergic. High pay doesn’t make you a scintillating conversationalist.If you’re a marriage-minded lady, your odds of snagging a commitment from a fellow college graduate are suddenly looking daunting. Blue-collar guys may be more fun to talk to than you think, if you start treating them like equals instead of anthropological finds and resist the urge to text your clever (and unmarried, snarky) Barnard friends, “OMG, I’m talking to a guy with a GED, SOS! Whatever happens to the US economy, garbage collectors will always be needed.

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