Pat summitt and bruce pearl dating

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Pat summitt and bruce pearl dating

Then Tennessee won the national championship in 1987.

That set up a meeting in December 1987 between then-No. 2 Texas at newly opened Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.

That began in 1978; to date, they've played 37 times, with the Lady Vols leading 23-14."Pat's teams were always competitive; they were always physical; they were always tough," Conradt said.

"Having known what she was like as a player, I knew they were totally a reflection of her.

They weren't going to play in the biggest event on their home court.

It’s just the natural progression of things when a kid realizes that he’s committed to Tennessee, and there are schools out there that are “Now, student-athletes have a right to do what’s in their best interests."I probably would have been up at the top row of the arena hiding if it would have been me."Promoting women's basketball always had been Summitt's priority.Long before Tennessee's famed rivalry with UConn began in 1995, the Lady Vols had established series with fellow powerhouses such as Old Dominion, Louisiana Tech and Texas.During some of the times we played, it was hard to feel like there was a close friendship because we're all so competitive."But at the same time, there was this total commitment to growing women's basketball.So we said, 'Let's not get hung up on personal rivalries and what's good for one program.

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And if I’m not what’s best for their kids…then that’s fine.