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Post dating checks in ny

This amount applies to the aggregate total of checks passed.

If you write 10 checks for 0, you’re subject to this far stiffer penalty, not a series of 10 misdemeanor charges.

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Visit Stack Exchange As noted in another question, banks have different policies regarding post-dated checks before the post-date, although it seems most will accept the check as long as the check issuer hasn't contacted the bank.

If the check was written for a large amount, you may be able to enter into a binding agreement to pay it in installments.A typical Bank Deposit/Account Agreement will have terms that are worded similar to: Postdated Checks If a postdated check — a check dated in the future — is presented for payment, we may pay the check and charge it to your account even if it is presented for payment before the date stated on the check.If you do not want us to pay a stale-dated or postdated check, you must place a stop payment order on it.Since banks charge an often exorbitant fee for a bounced checks, it is in their best interest to process it, let it bounce and charge the fee instead of rejecting it.In fact this outcome is unavoidable if the check is processed by way of an automatic deposit (versus it being presented at the bank it is was issued against).

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As a result, if you write a check that fails to clear, you have a limited period of time under Oklahoma law to make things right.

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