Rainie yang dating wang zi lucas gabreel dating

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The girl is always under the microscope in Taiwan and it must be nice to jet off somewhere and have some degree of anonymity.

Rainie is just 5 years older than Prince but she’s been in the industry for 13 years so I feel like professionally and emotionally she’s probably light years ahead of this relative newcomer.

The TW-media has been heating up about the romance between Rainie and Prince since they were spotted out on a 9 hour date right before Lunar New Year.

Next came the clincher where Rainie and Prince were snapped by an eagle-eyed fan at Honolulu airport last week arriving on a flight from Asia.

So far she’s always dated older, so this comes as a surprise for me to hear of her possible new romance with baby cakes Prince from the boy group .

Prince (stage name 王子 and real name Qiu Sheng Yi 邱勝翊) is a 23 year old member of the newish boy band JPM along with Lil Jay and Modi.

Looks like Rainie enjoys overseas getaways with her boyfriends, which I totally understand." Gui Gui ask still unpacking."I forgot to tell you guy that Theresa and David adopted them." Joe said simply."You mean they are not blood-relate brother and sister." Rainie ask"Nope, they are adopted. Gallegos explain and pointing to their seat."Ok sure." They replied and when to the assign seats. Turn out that Gui Gui, Wang Zi, and Rainie have second too.Well it pretty late gotta go, see you guy at school tomorrow." Joe said "ok bye" Rainie and Gui Gui goodbye and Joe walk out the door."Do you like the room?? Come help me put the two bed together, so we could sleep on a big bed together." Gui Gui said"Sure. " Rainie ask another question as she help Gui Gui."He is friendly, tall, and well-manner." Gui answer simply "That is what I think of him, too.""Do you thinks the story about the adpoted family in Yuan Wenz he told us is kinda exaggerating?? Rainie and Gui Gui finish packing, after taking a shower they both hit the stack."Rinse and shines sleepy head." Rainie wake Gui Gui up while dress up."5 more minutes." Gui Gui said "Wake up or else, Gui" Gui Gui know what Rainie mean by that so she jump out the bed and dress her self up immedietly."Here is your breakfast" Rainie said, " I'll be right there." Gui Gui replied."Ok just hurry up or we gonna be late." Rainie answer back. It only took 5 minutes to walk from the Girls Dorms Building to Yuan Wenz High School. As soon as Gui Gui sit down Wang Zi scoot away from her immedietly. Don't tell me you think you're a real prince." Gui Gui muttered under her breath thinking Wang Zi couldn't hear her. Same thing happens in second period as it is in first period. [ 718] Although I really look forward to them playing these roles and they are also very suitable, I am afraid of people criticizing it for plagiarism and being a remake."We are here." Rainie announce once they are infront of the girls dorms building." I know right, we are finally here--" Gui Gui got cut off "Like I said." Rainie repeat"Could you let me finish Rain?? " Rainie ask in suprise "Yup it around the corner." Joe said pointing to the corner in the map.

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I hope these two are enjoying this unexpected romance wherever it leads!

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