Renaissance faire dating

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So people of class who could afford to would take a citrus fruit and place a number of cloves into it.

They would then carry this around and smell it to help combat the stench of unwashed persons.

Now we come to the part I know you are looking forward to. I want you to imagine cleavage as far as the eye can see.

The wonderful thing about all this beautiful cleavage on display at the Renaissance Fair is that, unlike for most of society, not only it is perfectly acceptable to look, but it is highly encouraged.

In the long list of places that these individuals go to search for Miss Right Now, they tend to overlook a little golden nugget of a place, a place most single men don’t even consider. This much overlooked place is the Renaissance Fair.

Now I know you are probably laughing right about now, but don’t.

In the case of multiple tails being worn, each tail signifies the number of lovers the woman has had. This is a rather blatant show to advertise how easy the woman is for the guys that are interested in that type of woman.In Elizabethan times women would wear the tails from foxes with the belief that their fleas would leave their bodies and congregate onto the foxes’s tails.Now since we don’t have this problem in modern days, thanks to better hygiene, the tails have come to mean something else entirely.The tails have come to represent one’s dating status.If a woman wears her tail in the center she is looking for a hook up.

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