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Rothschild dating rapper

and URB ran a cover story on the artist under the banner "Jay Electronica: A Spotless Mind :: An MC’s mystery revealed", which referred to his wanderings as his being "like some sort of hip-hop Jack Kerouac". as "ambitious, wildly original, if not slightly pretentious", while endorsing only to an extent the comparisons URB had made (referencing an "abstract rhyming style") to rappers like Nas and Pharoahe Monch.According to URB, Act II: Patents of Nobility will feature Nas, and will be the second of a putative trilogy.The first segment is a spoken word piece by Just Blaze and Erykah Badu describing Electronica over piano music.

‘He may come from the wrong side of the tracks, but he has made a huge success of his life and it is all his own work. ‘Stephen is only the second person in his family to own a house.

In late 2009 he released two singles, both produced by Just Blaze, "Exhibit A (Transformations)" and "Exhibit C", the latter of which won a Sucker Free Summit Award for Instant Classic.

In November 2010, it was announced Jay Electronica had signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation record label.

In June 2009, Decon and Jay's "The Dogon Society" released "Exhibit A (Transformations)" digitally.

"Exhibit C" was released on i Tunes December 16, 2009 and quickly shot to the top 10 of the i Tunes Hip-Hop charts.

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Songs circulating online as the Style Wars EP gained wider circulation, and other songs, such as the dream-inspired "Dimethyltryptamine", appeared.

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