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If the speakers" gazes meet when talking, usually one of them will look away and from then on eye contact is rare.

In general, people do not touch each other when they speak, unless they have reached a certain degree of familiarity.

If you are speaking while walking it is common to hold hands.The acceptable distance to keep when speaking with someone obviously depends on how well you know the person with whom you are speaking.For everyday communication, the acceptable distance would let you touch the person to whom you are speaking with your fingertips. As for eye contact, for most Rwandans looking directly in someone’s eyes is seen as impolite or brash, especially if you do it to your superior.Moreover, humour is used with people you know, otherwise it may not be perceived to be in good taste.Upon meeting new people in Rwanda, the topic of family is often discussed.

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An acceptable response to that would be to say "I`m very sorry".

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