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Sharon leal dating

Sharon Leal is one of those who would understand this statement in its entirety.

She may have been born to an unknown father, whose DNA gave the actress her African American identity, but she was raised by Jesse Leal, her mother’s husband following the break up with her father before she was born.

Without a doubt, there is a fair number of actors and actresses in Hollywood with military lineage and background.

Perhaps it is a rebellion from the conservative nature of their upbringing or a needed departure from the rigidly scheduled life that comes from being children of military personnel.

Not one to limit her passion for performance art to music, she took up interest in acting and starred in a few theatre productions, including a local production of .

While she was there, she attended a prayer-school and upon the family’s eventual relocation back to the United States in Fresno, California, she attended Roosevelt High School of the Arts.Sharon Ann Leal is an actor of Filipino and African-American descent, who made a name for herself with her performances in the TV series ‘Boston Public’ and the romantic musical film ‘Dreamgirls.’ Born in Arizona, US, she spent her early childhood in the Philippines, before returning with her family to settle in California.She began appearing in the stage productions of local theater groups in her teenage years.They began dating back in However, we can see Leal wearing a ring in her ring finger. Well, none of them have mentioned anything about this matter.The lovebirds are enjoying their love life and might have plans of getting married in the future. Besides this, Leal was further encountered with Henry Simmons.

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Her father was a military policeman who left her mother when Leal wasn't born.