Signs of an intimidating person dating with girl

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Signs of an intimidating person

You’re not the type of person who’ll do everything for a little attention.

In fact, you fail to understand why people are so eager to be liked by others that they are ready to go to any lengths to gain their attention.

Everybody is capable of achieving this – the question is, did they really want to?

While we all have our fears, and it’s not ‘fearless’ in the literal sense, you know how to manage your emotions and overcome your fears.

In a world that feeds on insecurity and fear, it’s become normal for people to be meek and hide among the herd – so it’s just natural to assume that these same people will feel triggered when they face someone who’s doing the opposite.Your strength in making decisions and following through comes from your motivation to achieve the goals you have set, not because others will like that.Your strong personality comes as a result of being thoughtful and well-informed.While there are those rare few who will truly appreciate your attention in the way you’re ready to give, most people like to complain about not being heard while begging that they never get to be heard.Not only do you never allow yourself to get by with excuses, but you utterly hate it when you see someone trying to place excuses where effort is due.

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