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Tim and eric awesome show dating

Asked what their careers might look like without the Internet, they both pause for a moment. "We have a contest that, once I reach a million followers, Tim and I will make love on webcam. "I hadn't told Tim yet, so this story can break it." FYI, he's roughly 740,000 followers away from hitting that target.They've burned themselves onto our brains through a decade's worth of culty TV brilliance (not to mention Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, from 2012), but that doesn't mean Tim and Eric are impervious to the inaccuracies of the Internet. As for today's shoot, fans will know it's hardly the first time Tim and Eric have done drag.I’m just doing these stand-up shows now — my set is always just a disaster of a performance piece going horribly wrong, I’m fucking up my jokes — but when the audience is there with the little facial expressions and little moments, that’s what I want. We felt that it was the right way to honor him and make him a part of the special.

"Their stuff is a lot more sweeping and lasting than almost anything else, because they weren't taking on current events — they were addressing history itself.When Howard Stern Show regular Eric the Actor died, numerous press outlets used Wareheim's picture in their obituary pieces."They just looked up the words 'actor' and 'Eric'? Eric fondly remembers his first time dressing up as a lady when he was a kid. "I'd wear her hemorrhoid pillow as a hat."So maybe it's not too surprising that Tim and Eric count Cindy Sherman as one of their heroes."She does these self-portraits as these grotesque characters," Wareheim says, "from Jersey housewives to old plastic-surgery millionaires.Tim and I, all of our characters are pretty big and grotesque -- horrible little moments of people that you see in real life.So to see a woman [like Sherman] take herself that far is hugely inspiring."As the duo is whisked to set with sky-high wigs and teetering heels fastened on, there's time for one more question: do these comedy titans still Google themselves?

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