True christian online dating

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True christian online dating

My husband and I know of various other Christian couples who met online and are now married.Common to all of us was that we transitioned from the online world to the “real world” as soon as we could.Boundless has even joined forces with online dating service Christian to help connect marriage-minded Christian singles and provide them with Bible-based relationship advice. What if a single man or woman signs up to Christian and meets someone? You can’t stay online forever, so how does a potential couple make the jump from the virtual world to the “real world”?

That’s why meeting in person sooner rather than later is wise.

For some in the Boundless community, this may lead them to trust God to bring a spouse through church, work, or a blind date set up through mutual friends.

For others, it may involve signing up to an online dating site and seeing if God uses that.

I also made sure he met some of my trusted friends early on so they could give me input.

That he was willing to be vetted helped me realize his intentions were sincere and his heart humble.

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