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Newer SPI flash chips might work even without explicit support if they implement SFDP (Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters - JESD216).

Friends, How I connect the wires in pin socket of the mentioned motherboard with case wires, as shown in photos in this post in a Brazilian forum. There are nine pins in the connector, but the connector is considered a 10-pin one because one of the pins was removed (pin 8). As there is the space without a pin (pin 8), it is easy to discover the numbering of the other pins.I had an old PC with windows xp in it and i downloaded windows 10 iso through the media creation tool and i made my usb bootable through rufus, when i restarted my PC to install windows 10 i saw that the windows 10 logo is stuck with no spinning dots, as i have installed windows 10 several times on my friends PC, while installing windows 10 there are spinning dots but here it wasn't there. Also the usb i am usin gis being bootable on my friends PC so id dont think my usb has any problems. After some 30 mins the installation screen came and I installed windows 10. I tried downloading the iso again but it was the same.Last update: 2019-06-03TZ (generated by flashrom v1.1-rc2) The tables below are generated from flashrom's source by copying the output of flashrom -z.A short explanation of the cells representing the support state follows: The list below contains all chips that have some kind of explicit support added to flashrom and their last known test status.

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If you don't have the computer case manual, go to the manufacturer's website and see if you can download the manual.

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