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It prepares consolidated data for updating to the data targets.

Info Sources contain either transaction data or master data (attributes, texts and hierarchies).

We recommend that you use this type of data flow if your data flow not only contains two different sources, but the data is to be written to multiple identical (or almost identical) targets.

The required business rules are executed in the central transformation so that you only have to modify the one transformation in order to change the business rules.

An Info Provider can be supplied by multiple Info Sources, which in turn can be supplied by multiple source systems.

RSTRAN802) Allready activated SPO without problems. In addition to that I transported SPO from developement system without positive result. I also tried to activate transformation using report "RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE".

But I get following message: How can activate the mentioned target?

The system displays the characteristic in the Info Source tree in the Data Warehousing Workbench.

You can assign Data Sources and source systems to the characteristic from there.

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The required business rules are applied in the subsequent transformation between the Info Source and the target.

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