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Ensuring your record is current and complete is your responsibility and not anyone else's."If a selection board determines that a Marine's case is incomplete, but sufficient information is available to make a valid recommendation, the Marine will be considered for selection.Performance Folder Contains fitness reports and standard addendum pages for all sergeants and above.YOUR MBS (MASTER BRIEF SHEETS) Your MBS is a snapshot of administrative data, duties and grades given based on your fitness reports.This ensures MOS/Occupation Field vacancies in the enlisted structure will be continuously occupied by Marines who are fully qualified to perform and to assume the responsibilities of the next higher grade.Your record is your personal representation at all selection boards for promotion.

System input via unit diary entry and send citation to MMSB for input in your OMPF. You can correct this by unit diary locally; also make sure your grade level reflects appropriately.We find records not updated with important items such as PME, Fitness Reports and awards missing.Failure to project all information in your record may not present a full picture of your performance and potential.Afterwards, sources are listed to enable you to correct your record if needed.You should use this checklist to review the accuracy of your record. YOUR OMPF (OFFICIAL MILITARY PERSONNEL FILE) The OMPF is seen by the promotion board digitally and available to individual Marines upon request in the plastic microfiche format.

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The promotion system provides a process whereby Marines within each grade and Military Occupational Specialty/Occupation Field compete for promotion to the next grade.

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