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Pride/Prejudice narrates Austen's original story unearthing the "forbidden" intimacies between Mr. Bingley and between Elizabeth Bennet and Charlotte Lucas.

Salon's reviewer Laura Miller noted that Herendeen's language in Pride/Prejudice is the most successful of the Austen derivatives in "approximating Austen's style without aping it." Herendeen is the author of a series of "sword-and-sorcery" fantasy novels.

To this end, we analyzed a number of film adaptations, notably the 2006 Pride & Prejudice, Kipling’s “The Janeites,” Paula Marantz Cohen’s Jane Austen in Boca, and some fan fiction on the Republic of Pemberley website, and discussed audience/reader responses to these varied texts.Jennifer Crusie, Pam Rosenthal, Lauren Willig, Jayne Ann Krentz) and academics to take genre romance seriously as an object of study, and not only through the lens of sociology.Herendeen has delivered talks and participated in panels at conferences devoted to her genre.In [Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander], sentimental values domesticate sexual practices and family structures that were (and still are in some cases) against the law.Novels like Phyllida show that the romance novel, once derided for its heteronormative ideology, is proving more inclusive than society at large.

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A native New Yorker and lifelong Brooklyn resident, Herendeen graduated with high honors in English from Princeton University.

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