Validating textbox in gridview Toronto sex chatrooms

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Validating textbox in gridview

Bind and Validate Grid View Text Box Value by Required Field Validator In Asp. Net Login Form With User Role Selection By Dropdownlist In Using C#.Net, Populate Data in Grid View on Dropdown List Selected Role in Using, Random Character and String Generation Using C#.In each Text Box I am calling a Java Script function called "Number Filter" during the client-side "onkeydown" event.This returns a boolean which indicates whether or not the character will be added to the Text Box's value.Net, Windows Application and Linq , Display Calendar Control Selected Date Into Javascript Alert Message In Asp. Just check the above code in this cod first we will check the grid view text box.In this textbox I have assigned a dummy css class, you can also use the class.Recently I had to have a Drop Down List for selecting a country inside a gridview, the country dropdownlist contains several items including an item with the text "Other".When "Other" is selected, a textbox should show up where in the user can provide the rationale for selecting "Other".

For examples on how to check if a Text Box contains a number (and how to restrict this using Java Script) please check out the article about How to check if a Text Box contains a number).

This filters the content of the Text Boxes for you but there are ways to get around this filter so I strongly recommend that you do server side validation as well (which I have not done in my code).

Since you have a range (1-40) to validate as well, I recommend using an ASP.

When "Other" is selected for country, show a textbox to show enter what the "Other" country is Make sure that a value is entered in the textbox when "Other" is selected First the Grid View, for simplicity I'm just showing the country dropdownlist and the Text Box.

Both those controls are included in a templatefield in the Grid View Leaving out the databinding details.

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Here is the HTML rendered demo, In this requiredfield validator js code is not included, So It will not work.