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The movie x Xx The Return of Xander Cage, aka x Xx 3, should be released in Summer 2010.

Vin Diesel posted on his Instagram page on Saturday a photo showing his co-star Zoe Saldana and husband Marcus Perego at a Halloween party with a group of kids.

Sitting on the lap of a man wearing a coyote mask are identical twin boys dressed as cops, who appear to be Saldana and Perego's sons, Cy and Bowie, who will turn 1 this month."Pauline and the Twins' first Halloween," wrote Vin, 48.

If he has time, Vin Diesel adds abs/core to this workout. Around the time of , Vin Diesel decided to add yoga, Pilates and jiu-jitsu routines to his workouts.

Vin noticed that this has given him more control over his body.

The Vin Diesel workout routine comes from his recent interview with Bodybuilding’s Diesel’s routine is based on bodybuilding workouts he has used since before he started acting.

Vin Diesel’s rep range is usually around 8 reps per exercise.

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That plan, he says, is in part meant to honor the memory of Paul Walker.

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