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Three such changes from the JMI Vox days are easily noticed.

There would be no rotary "voltage selector," the three ventilation vents were larger, and a standby switch was added.

VOX did not observe or utilize standard dating procedures nor does the serial numbers, or cosmetic features on VOX products represent any concrete dating information which we are aware of.

If you send us a very detailed description of your VOX product we will be happy to try to date your product.

These characteristics can be applied to most amplifier models prior to 1985This list comes from The Vox Story book.1958-1959* Blonde covering, or occasional two-tone grey-cream.

Product" legend between input jacks.1960-1961* Blonde covering.

From what I've read Vox were never too good at following a standard for their allocation of serial numbers, and their amps have always been difficult to date.It is easy to determine the age of an AC30TB or TBX from the serial number on the ID plaque on the upper back panel of the amp. The serial started with "M-2000," suggesting the amp was produced in the year 2000.The AC30TB and AC30TBX survived in the Vox line for ten years.An era ended when the last UK made AC-30 amps were shipped in 2004.\n I need a little help dating a vox ac30 I was just given. It has six inputs - vib-trem, normal and brilliant. Control panel appears to be copper with the labels lithograph.

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The original preamp gain structure was attenuated by a new circuit design that limited output.