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Per Megan’s world, is there anything where you look at it and say, “I wish we still did this,” and anything where, “Thank God, we don’t still do that?

It was important for the audience to see that they’re not being competitive or cutting each other up.They’re all full and real people, so they don’t represent one single idea or movement at all times of their existence, but I think Megan is probably part of the first generation of women that thought that she could have a career and a family life without so many social barriers. No, I think that first of all, when he first proposes to her, in Episode 13 of Season 4, I think it’s seen, for pretty obvious reasons, as the easier choice, and early on, in Season 5, we learn that it’s not that black and white. Maybe Anna Draper saw something warm and soft, but until Megan, nobody really saw him as like a fun summertime Don. When you were involved in Season 4, how much did you know, going in, where the arc was going to go? I’ve done work, a little bit in TV, but mostly in film where you’re handed your whole character arc before you even get the job. They said it might be three or more episodes, which I was really excited about. Also, he just gets the technical aspect of it which — every actor works differently — but for me, it’s great to a scene with him and then he’s like, “Come. PARE: One of the things about the show is everybody watches it. Do a lot of friends want to visit when you are filming? We’re working on this right now and when it’s ready, you’ll see it. There are definitely scenes where we do more takes but never that kind of volume. Maybe four, if it’s a complicated scene or more emotional. I think she’s one of the first who thought it’s just there for the taking. I mean, it happened at the end of last season, so we know that. Do you think that going forward, the fact that she is a working wife, that he won’t be happy with that? I think that just as she’s sort of one of the first of a group of women who are, like, “Oh, I can have it all,” as they say, I think that’s really new for him, too. But I think that it kind of felt like, “Why is he marrying like the young secretary? But also, she adores this guy, and she accepts him for exactly who he is, and the person that she sees is vibrant, and joyful, and loving, and warm, and fun, and nobody else sees him that way. Is she able to pull that out of him, whereas other people haven’t been able to? And I think that he wants to be that person, and that’s why it feels so good. This is better, but I was really excited about that. Most times if I bring people to set, I’ll just bring them to meet the hair and makeup team and check out our cool base camp, look at some sets and maybe meet Matt and Marcy and that kind of thing. Before going any further…spoilers from previous seasons and the season 6 premiere are discussed during this interview. Question: When you look at this character, what do you think she represents from that time period, as far as women are concerned? I mean, you guys know, I mean, we just had that conversation. But he’s also extraordinarily talented and it’s at once comforting but also I feel like I want to hold my own in a scene with him. He’s really there, in there, in that scene with you — literally sometimes. But, I have very broad tastes so for me it’s about the story and the character. But, something like this, a romantic comedy in which we had a little bit of time to explore stuff, we would start with the script and if something else happened, we would go with it. But, it also means, because of the way that set is built, you have to be there a lot. I guess it’s a little part of that culture of secrecy, the protecting of the story. It’s so interesting how you could see that evolution of her turning into that person she became. Or are there moments where you guys are hitting Take 30? Have there been any big changes or is it more like a comma is in a different place? I personally think the world of them and I really like hanging out with them but we don’t go play mini-putt. What have you seen recently that you’ve maybe binge-watched that you really loved? I’ll be hanging out on the Internet and it’s just on all the time. If you’d like to listen to the audio of this interview, click here. JESSICA PARE: Well, a lot of things, but I think, first of all, one of the great things about the show in general is that there are no characters that are solely stereotypes or archetypes of that era, or any era. They’re so tight-lipped about it, and the special challenge for me working on this… At first when I started, I think I auditioned, the character description was, like, female, brunette, so I was like I’m perfect for this. But so they didn’t say anything about where it was going to go. But, even when I have a scene with somebody else, he’s so in tune with what my character is going through at that time that it’s actually really a joy. How has being on the show changed the scripts you are being sent for other things? You can see through the windows, especially sitting at the secretary’s desk. Because I feel like that’s what we are doing and it’s not ready. Do you thing Megan be miserable or would she buy into this vision of life with Don? PARE: No, it’s TV, so we do move relatively quickly. PARE: The thing that’s really burning a hole in my DVR is .

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Photographed by Gabor Jurina and Zeina Esmail, Jessica Pare wears a dress, $2,195 by Kaufmanfranco and earrings, $650, by Tom Binns. Makeup by Jenn Streicher for the Magnet Agency/Lancome.